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As of tonight, midnight January 23rd, 2011, this community is officially closed. Mayfield is now located at Dreamwidth.

If you are planning to join us there on Dreamwidth, the deadline to fill out this post is tonight at midnight. All players who have failed to respond by tonight will be removed from the game tomorrow.
Welcome to Mayfield

event: changes

[Midnight in Mayfield is peaceful as always, the drones all snug in their beds. But midnight on Friday, January 13th is something else entirely. As the day changes, there's a loud, high pitched whining sound. It seems to emanate from somewhere downtown, and is loud enough to wake anyone anywhere in town, but there is no time to investigate. Thirty seconds after it begins, every single person in Mayfield, drone or not, will vanish.]

[ OOC: From January 13th until the game reopens on Dreamwidth, please do not post new entries. You may still post backdated entries on Livejournal until January 16th, but nothing taking place after the 12th.

Please don't forget, you only have until January 23rd to sign up to join us on DW!

Joining the drop parade :(

I wasn't planning on making a post for this, but I feel like I owe it to people to make this official rather than let her slip away during the move.

Basically, I never really felt like I had a firm voice for Bethany here. That, in turn, lead to negative motivation to post/finish threads with her. Apologies to her castmates/housemates--you all deserved a better, more active Bethany than what I provided. I'm sorry, and thank you all for being the awesome cast/house that you are. ♥

Even though it's practically a moot point, feel free to friend remove mage_twin or hoverclick.

I'll still be around with Ema Skye and Elsa Bloodstone (and, pending approval, another character that might work better than Bethany has).


Okay, for the DW move I'm afraid I'm going to be dropping The Joker for now. That Criminal Mind is not one I can keep up with for the time being, and I don't want to be someone squatting on a character like that without being able to provide proper comedy gold for him.

So, for the DW move The Joker will not be joining my muselist in Mayfield. I'll still be around with Arcueid and Yamame...but poor ol' Joker gets to go home after a short stint.

If my mind suddenly fires up for properly perfectly planned perpetrations I may bring him back. Otherwise, this whole LJ/DW split with some of my games has caused me to have to back off from someone who requires that much thought.

I'd say please friend remove laff_a_lympics but it's barely necessary.

Sorry to all castmates and those who were waiting in anticipation for his crimes! Hopefully I'll be in an RP state where I can bring him back sooner or later. I feel bad about this ;3;
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Alright, I need to take a look at things realistically. I've been on hiatus for long enough now to realize I'm not getting the drive for  this game back anytime soon, so it's better to just let Clark and Poison Ivy go for now at least until the LJ/DW move and things calm down. That way I'm leaving the characters free in case somebody else wanted to get a hand on them.

If that's not the case I'll do my best to come back in a few months because I love you, guys ;;

So yep... 

friend remove kryptonsson and poisonivyfor you :(
reach for the stars

Just To Say/Drop Post

Hey, hey Mayfield!

I'm sorry for being on unofficial slowatus during the holiday season--it was a busy time! Unfortunately, life is only going to get busier for me from here on out. With the allotted budget of my time now being very limited, and since I don't want to character squat the HERO during this time, I'm going to make an official drop. It was a hard decision to come to which was why it took me this long to announce it.

FRET NOT! This is not good-bye, merely a "see-you-all-later"! You all are so wonderful, you keep drawing me back.

If anyone wants to still contact me, though, just ping me up on plurk or AIM!

And with all that said, we'll come to the main point of this post.

friend remove undying_heroism or do that hover-click thing

Until next time!


Hi Mayfielders.

I think I need to say that I'm going to be dropping all current threads/backtagging etc.-- save for anything with Holland's notfamily for the sake of plot.  And this next week (and actually the past two weeks) are a bit of a slowatus for me.  I am feeling kind of overwhelmed trying to catch up and that combined with the whole LJ thing has really sapped my energy for rp.

So. . . yeah, just sorting out some rp things and moving stuff and also irl things. Work is crazy busy and I kind of went on vacation for a week and didn't say anything either so -- sorry guys.  

Please let me know if you have a thread you want to keep picking up though; I'm happy to oblige, to a point.

New year and everything, right. . .  :'|
Aaw shit!

Double Drop.

Very sorry to echo the previous drops, but I'm not really feeling it for the big games and it's not nice to hold places while I sit here and make people wait for tags.

I was kind of testing the water with LJ gaming and I sort of flailed and drowned. I tried really hard not to make water puns.  Terribly sorry, but I will be taking away RED Spy and Orphaner Dualscar.

friend remove shellfishlovver
friend remove meettheknife

If anyone still wants to play around on memes I'll be there, lurking.


Off Hiatus!

Hey guys,
DL/Wighty here, back from the hiatus I announced a week or so back.  Lucas, Susan Sto Helit, Grimsley, and Beast Boy will be coming off hiatus.  Due to general holiday confusion, to the upcoming start of the new semester, and to the impending move, I will very likely be dropping some of my old tags.  I apologize for this in advance.  If there's anything in particular you'd like me to keep going, please do let me know here.

Thanks very much for bearing with me!
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SOB.  I hate to do this.  I've had so much fun here and have loved the CR I have but REALISTICALLY TAKING A LOOK AT MY NEW SEMESTER... I probably won't have much time to RP.  And I don't want to keep thread dropping people/hiatusing on and off.  If I can figure out a  better way to manage my time, I'll definitely be coming back to Mayfield with this dude FIRST THING.

Anyway.  Apologies and thank you for all the brilliant CR and shenanigans!  STAY AWESOME.