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For those of you following Barbie's advice...

[The term “ghost town” comes to mind, but it isn’t entirely accurate.

If you’ve managed to survive the bears and Barbara’s terrible cooking, the Westbound section of the highway finally has a destination that isn't Mayfield. You won’t see it coming, of course: the highway continues forward into the endless corn fields as it always does, and then you take one step too many and suddenly you’re here- in good old Deadman's Gulch. Step back, or go too far in any one direction in the town, and you’ll find yourself emerging back out on the highway, facing the way you came.

Deadman's Gulch, looking quite like the set of every Western saloon shootout scene ever filmed, is also quite abandoned. Not a soul can be found in the hotel, the general store, the stables; even the saloon is empty, though it remains quite well-stocked. The town is as Wild Western as you could ask: all that’s missing are the townsfolk. The endless desert stretches across the horizon on all sides; trying to head out to it will, however, simply leave you exiting back out on the highway.

A single noose hangs from the gallows, swaying gently despite the lack of a breeze.

The term “ghost town” isn’t entirely accurate. There’s nothing here- not even ghosts. There are also, however, no giant milk-themed robots rampaging anywhere nearby, which is more than can be said for certain other nearby towns at the moment.]

[OOC: The small Western town of Deadman's Gulch is open for exploration! In most respects it seems to be an ordinary, if somewhat archaic Wild Western town. Characters are free to poke around or stay overnight. Though the mods won't be replying to every thread, characters who look around hard enough may find a clue or two!

Sub-threads are up, so feel free to explore! If you have questions about Deadman's Gulch, direct them to the questions thread.]
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