PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!! (partysense) wrote in mayfield_rpg,
PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!

sobs this is the saddest thing for me so i will make it short.

i haven't been playing pinkie here nearly as much as i ought to be. she's the kind of character that should be all over the place, in everyone's business, making friends all up and down, and i've had an amazing time doing just that... when i've been able to. i started out really strong with her, and given that she was an impulse app, i'm glad i was able to make so much great CR. but my inability to really balance two characters here combined with a waning interest in her canon has meant that i haven't really been playing pinkie to her full potential for a while now.

with the game looking like it will be shifting off of livejournal, i can't really see myself shifting pinkie with it, which means that it is time to let her go.

thank you for all of the cute cr and everyone who put up with her special brand of cheer. i'm sorry my activity with her waned so much in the last couple of months!

friend remove partysense

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