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Announcement: Mayfield is Moving!

Based on the results of this poll, Mayfield is overwhelmingly in support of moving to Dreamwidth and becoming a community based game. Because the poll results are so clear and because apps open this evening, we have decided to announce our move.

This evening, applications will open here on Dreamwidth, with the expectation that all accepted characters will be accepted into the new community based game on that website.

While you may create your journals, join the new community, and use mayfield_ooc and junefield immediately, the IC communities will not open until January 16. You will continue to be able to bring your characters over to Dreamwidth until January 23, after which they will be considered ejected from the game and you will need to reapply. We will allow you to apply during the February application cycle. The only exception to the January 23rd date is if you posted a hiatus prior to this announcement intended to cover you through the 23rd, in which case you will be given until February 7 (after all hiatuses would have expired) before ejection. If you or someone you know has a compelling reason why they will be unable to meet the January 23rd deadline despite not posting a hiatus, send a PM to mayfield_mods explaining the situation ASAP.

We have compiled a description of how the transition will work and a list of Dreamwidth resources for you here.

We will also not be having an Activity Check for the month of January and the month of February due to the disruption caused by switching sites. To avoid ejection, all you need to do is join us on Dreamwidth before the January 23rd deadline.

To join us at Dreamwidth, all you need to do is fill out this form here and follow the instructions on this page on Dreamwidth. Once you've done that, you'll be invited to join Mayfield on Dreamwidth, and will be able to begin playing on January 16, at which point IC posting will close here on Mayfield!

Just as a note, we're not completely finished setting up the taken list over there, but that should be finished tonight. Thank you for your patience while we get the new community in order, and we hope to see you there.

We're also pleased to announce our three new assistant mods, Steve (puzzlerprince and goddamnhedgehog), Ru (coolbowtie and stealsluck), and Ena (kinships). Because of the move they've been tossed right into the thick of things, but they've been a really great help to us already. They'll be using the account ourlittlehelpers over on Dreamwidth while we move. So give them your congratulations on having to do our busy work.
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