Alfred F. Jones (undying_heroism) wrote in mayfield_rpg,
Alfred F. Jones

Just To Say/Drop Post

Hey, hey Mayfield!

I'm sorry for being on unofficial slowatus during the holiday season--it was a busy time! Unfortunately, life is only going to get busier for me from here on out. With the allotted budget of my time now being very limited, and since I don't want to character squat the HERO during this time, I'm going to make an official drop. It was a hard decision to come to which was why it took me this long to announce it.

FRET NOT! This is not good-bye, merely a "see-you-all-later"! You all are so wonderful, you keep drawing me back.

If anyone wants to still contact me, though, just ping me up on plurk or AIM!

And with all that said, we'll come to the main point of this post.

friend remove undying_heroism or do that hover-click thing

Until next time!
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