Arcueid Brunestud (makemebreakfast) wrote in mayfield_rpg,
Arcueid Brunestud


Okay, for the DW move I'm afraid I'm going to be dropping The Joker for now. That Criminal Mind is not one I can keep up with for the time being, and I don't want to be someone squatting on a character like that without being able to provide proper comedy gold for him.

So, for the DW move The Joker will not be joining my muselist in Mayfield. I'll still be around with Arcueid and Yamame...but poor ol' Joker gets to go home after a short stint.

If my mind suddenly fires up for properly perfectly planned perpetrations I may bring him back. Otherwise, this whole LJ/DW split with some of my games has caused me to have to back off from someone who requires that much thought.

I'd say please friend remove laff_a_lympics but it's barely necessary.

Sorry to all castmates and those who were waiting in anticipation for his crimes! Hopefully I'll be in an RP state where I can bring him back sooner or later. I feel bad about this ;3;
Tags: dorp, drop, oh shit!
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