Bethany Hawke (mage_twin) wrote in mayfield_rpg,
Bethany Hawke

Joining the drop parade :(

I wasn't planning on making a post for this, but I feel like I owe it to people to make this official rather than let her slip away during the move.

Basically, I never really felt like I had a firm voice for Bethany here. That, in turn, lead to negative motivation to post/finish threads with her. Apologies to her castmates/housemates--you all deserved a better, more active Bethany than what I provided. I'm sorry, and thank you all for being the awesome cast/house that you are. ♥

Even though it's practically a moot point, feel free to friend remove mage_twin or hoverclick.

I'll still be around with Ema Skye and Elsa Bloodstone (and, pending approval, another character that might work better than Bethany has).
Tags: drop
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