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event: summer lovin'

[As we say farewell to summer, Mayfield has seen fit to help each of you out with your love lives. Here's how things will work!

Teenagers (age 13-17) will be awakening on September 3rd to find that they have been locked in a car with a partner of the opposite sex at Mayfield's brand new Drive-In movie theater. It's one of the hottest places for teens to hang out, and right before school starts again, every teenager in town is eager to get in one last movie... and maybe a little bit of real-life romance. Without any adults around, Mayfield's teenagers can get up to all sorts of risque activities, ranging from hand-holding to, if you're feeling particularly naughty, cheek-kissing. The car will remain locked for seven hours, leaving you and your partner alone for the evening with nothing but each other. The movie playing is a cheesy teen drama. It's an hour and a half long, and when it ends, it starts up again.

Adults (age 18 and over) are in a similar bind- but instead of the Drive-In, the two of you will be locked in a suite at the brand-new Louvre Hotel together. Mayfield's top (and only) hotel, which has always been around and certaintly did not just appear, is where all visitors to Mayfield check in when passing through! Those Westporters- they sure love touring our good old town! The Louvre Hotel is also a popular spot for adults looking to get away from the kids for a night. Like teenagers, adult players may pick their own partners; we encourage you to stick with your spouses, but with certain characters inactive, hiatusing, or married to drones, we understand this isn't feasible. If you'd rather randomize it, we can do that too. As with the teenagers, adults will be trapped in their hotel rooms for seven hours with only each other for company; doors and windows will be locked and unbreakable.

Kids (age 12 or below) and Pets, meanwhile, will be spending a lovely seven hours with Mayfield's very own Summer Camp under the supervision of some very cheerful and enthusiastic drone camp leaders. Children will learn about Mayfield's exciting wildlife, like the robotic cows and squirrels, along with learning to make high quality craftwork, like masks made of feathers glued to paper plates. As with the cars and hotel rooms, the Camp is inescapable- unlike the former two, however, children and pets will not be paired up, and will instead be trapped as a collective group. The Camp is comprised of several play rooms as well as an outdoor playground, but will be subject to the same looping effect that normally binds the rest of the town. Characters will not be able to advance more than a few yards away from the Camp grounds before instantly warping to the other side of the grounds.

The event will begin Friday. The actual IC time that it will run will be 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM Saturday. Smut may be likely for certain pairings, and that's perfectly acceptable! However, as with all R-rated content, we ask that you keep it private. Mayfield does not support same-sex relationships, so pairs will have to be opposite sex. For ambiguous characters, it's whether you're considered a husband or a wife.

You are free to use AIM or other channels of communication to decide pairings; if you already have your pairings decided, comment here and we'll mark it down (obviously, don't do so if you don't have the other player's permission yet). If you don't have any specific pairing in mind, comment here and other players may reply asking if you'd like to be paired. If your character still has not been paired by the end of signups (right up until the event start), we will randomize.

Characters who do not participate in this event will remain in Mayfield as normal, although they may notice the absence of the majority of their peers. They will not find anyone in hotel rooms, the Drive-In, or the Camp; it will be as if participating characters have disappeared from the town completely.

As always, if you have any comments, questions, or complaints, be sure to post them here.]
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