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event: better dead

[At midnight on Thursday, a man walks into Mayfield.

Stumbles, more like; he is clearly disoriented, as if drunk. The man is mumbling to himself. He appears to be in shock.

Those who were present for the town's brief stint as a Russian village may recognize him as Sergei Smirnov, a patriotic worker in that town who met with an apparently unfortunate fate. Those who were not will see only what seems to be a half-insane Russian man with a stump for a hand wandering with no apparent attention to his surroundings.

After several minutes of stumbling through the empty street, Sergei disappears. Several minutes later he reappears in a different part of town, only to disappear moments later. And again. Maybe he shows up in your character's house. Maybe you'll find him in the park. Maybe at the grocery store. But you'd better talk to him while you can, because he won't stay in one spot for long...]

[OOC: Should you wish to participate in this stage of the event, simply leave an IC comment here saying what your character is doing at any given time of day. We will not be threading with everyone who responds, but will instead be randomly selecting certain ones.

To be fair to other players, we'll only do a thread with one of your characters. Please do not reply with a second unless Sergei disappeared on your first one. You may then reply once more with a second. If he disappears on the second, too, you can attempt with a third, so on, and so forth. We apologize if your characters are skipped entirely. There will be further opportunities later.]
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