Maipole Comrades (maipolecomrades) wrote in mayfield_rpg,
Maipole Comrades

event: better dead

[Over the course of the previous few days, Sergei has been appearing less and less frequently. It almost seems as though he's disappeared entirely; those keeping an eye out for an injured Russian man appearing across town will have been disappointed.

But Sergei is still within Mayfield, and he will appear from time to time.]


[ This post is locked to occupants of the following houses: 751 Partridge Street, 1445 Mitchell Road, 1335 Benny Road, 747 Partridge Street, and 1670 Nelson Street.

A thread will be posted for each individual home; any member of the household who signed up for the event may reply. If you did not sign up in the event thread, then you may not reply to Sergei. If you wish to participate, you may go reply to your household's comment here. Participants may be injured, godmodded or killed.

Additionally, guests to the household (i.e., a friend to someone who lives there who happened to come over) may reply to the post if they have permission from one of the occupants of the household and if they signed up for the event themselves.

Feel free to all thread together, or reply with multiple threads. Please keep in mind that these threads will be considered finished after tomorrow, and we won't be backlogging after that point!
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