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event: happy halloween

[Little Mayfield may have been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks, but it seems as though the town still hasn't forgotten about every kid's favorite holiday, Halloween!

At midnight, the eve of the 30th, the town will suddenly be decorated for the holiday. Trees are covered with cobwebs, orange and yellow lights, and paper ghosts. Several large, round pumpkins will be found on every doorstep, and drone fathers will carve them into jolly jack-o-lanterns. Many homes are covered with fun cobwebs and childish paper cutouts.

The general store is also stocking halloween goodies, from costumes (wholesome, gender and era appropriate, and mostly for the kiddies, of course) to trick-or-treat pails and Halloween candies. Every home will stocked with candy in the pantry. The kids (and maybe the grown-ups) might get into it quickly, but luckily, you don't ever seem to run out of favorites like candy corn.

City hall has the most lavish decorations of all. Large paper ghosts are hanging around the building, there's a witch on a broomstick parked on top of the roof, paper-mache gravestones line the path to the door, and from a tree out front, there's a noose from which the most realistic looking fake corpse is strung.

...Actually, on further inspection, he looks awfully familiar. Despite being scarred, burned, and bleeding, you could swear it looks a lot like Sergei Smirnov.

Happy Halloween!]
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