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You awaken one morning in a bright, summer suburb straight out of the 1950s. There's a smile on every neighbor's face, not a cloud in the sky, and the paper has been delivered on time, just like every other morning. Your spouse lays next to you; your kids are asleep in the other room. Looking around, you see photos of yourself and your family- your wedding, the birth of your first child, your last family vacation.

The problem? You can't remember any of this happening.

In fact, according to the memories you do have, you have no idea where you are or how you got here. You last remember being somewhere else entirely... but that was your other life, the life you had before arriving in Mayfield. It's the life you'll never see again.

Welcome to your new life, your life here in Mayfield. Everything is perfect- small children play hopscotch in the street, every house on the block is home to a loving family, and you've got a wonderful job you've been working at for years... apparently. Every piece of evidence says you've lived here your entire life- but you can't remember or even imagine it. Mayfield is perfect; too perfect. You try to leave the city limits, only to find yourself entering from the other side of town. You try to talk to the townspeople, the police, anyone- but only a select few seem to be like you, trapped and confused, while the rest of the town operates in routine ignorance. The phones only operate locally, the radios and television play the same programming, and even death won't free you for long.

Your only chance of surviving without going completely mad is to play along, to live the life you've been assigned and salvage small freedoms where you can. For all its wonders, something dangerous is lurking beneath the gleam and shine of the summer sun. Something that wants to keep you here- forever.

So from all of us here in Mayfield, we'd like to welcome you to the happiest little town in the good ol' US of A. You're going to love it here!

Whether you like it or not.

The characters are trapped living in a small suburban town called "Mayfield". They awaken in "their" house, which is covered in photos and other visible clues that they have apparently been living there for some time. They are brought in without any possession to remind them of their home world; even their clothes have been altered to reflect the setting. Their only connection to the life they lived prior to arriving in the roleplay is their memories.

Housing is conducted in the form of "nuclear families": a father, a mother, and several children each live in one house together. In the event that a player character is not available to fill these roles, NPCs will be assigned instead. Players will pick jobs for their character; in-universe, as soon as a job is selected, the character will be treated as if they have worked there for years.

Reality is obviously faulty in Mayfield. The town overlaps itself to keep residents trapped inside, and events will frequently involve the town transforming itself into different settings. Under normal circumstances, Mayfield is on the surface a pleasant Midwestern American suburb. However, the rigid community standards and tyrannical punishments for breaking them make it apparent that Mayfield is far from a pleasant place to live.

The roleplay will feature an on-going plot as well as monthly events. We look forward to having you!

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